Website Updates





10/04/21    Calendar        Added Senior OEC T/E Refresher event info

09/15/21    Calendar        Added Holimont Instructor/Patrol refreshers info

09/13/21    Calendar        Region Meeting date changed from Sept 16 to Sept 23

08/17/21    Banquet         Added 2021 Awards Banquet flyer & reservation form

08/11/21    Calendar        Added Holiday Valley Patrol refresher info; updated KB refresher times

08/03/21    Calendar        Added ASP Nordic Patrol refresher info

07/27/21    Calendar        MTR 1 course info added

07/14/21    Calendar        2021 Region Awards Banquet date change posted

07/13/21    Calendar        FINALLY...2021 Region Awards Banquet date posted!!!

07/13/21    Calendar        Added Buffalo Ski Center Patrol refresher info

07/13/21    Awards          Updated awards deadlines

06/28/21    Region Elections Added 2021 Region Director election notice/info

06/28/21    Calendar        Added KB Instructor/Patrol refreshers info; added Cockaigne Patrol Refresher info

06/09/21    Awards          Updated BSC Awards Committee member info



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