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For more information on the Region/Division Womens Programs please contact:

Denice Kaus     716-640-8888 (c)

The NSP Women’s Program mission is to empower patrollers by advancing skills and developing leadership in a women-focused program. The women’s program hosts clinics throughout the WNY Region and Eastern Division annually through stand-alone clinics or as part of an Eastern Division Patroller School. Mainly focused on OET skills, women’s clinics are held at a variety of mountains. An amazing team of women, whose dedication and years of experience have broadened mentorship regionally, lead each clinic. Women’s Program events strive to focus on both the needs of individuals and the group, in an environment designed to be both supportive and challenging. It is possible to work toward Senior, TE, Certified or a staff position of leadership within the Program. Mentorship and camaraderie are at the heart of successful recruitment efforts to bring more women into patrolling. Female membership in NSP has increased as a result of the participation and recruitment efforts from the women in Eastern Division. The snow sports industry, as a whole, relies heavily on women to grow and sustain it, so come out and join us! 

To financially assist women who wish to attend a Region women’s clinics or Eastern Division Patroller School, an Eastern Division Women’s Program Scholarship has been created. To find out more information and how to apply visit the Women’s Program page on PatrollerSchool.org here.

To find events happening in the WNY Region, check out the Calendar. Additional Eastern Division and National events will be posted on the National Ski Patrol Eastern Division Women’s Program Facebook and Instagram pages as well as PatrollerSchool.org and the Eastern Division Calendar.

If you would like to learn more about the Women’s Program or how to get involved, email Denice Kaus, WNY Region Women’s Program Advisor at denicekaus@gmail.com


Eastern Division Women's Program webpage click here

Eastern Division Women's Program Events Sign-up page click here 

Eastern Division Calendar click here





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