Outdoor Emergency Transportation Program

For more information on the Region OET Program please contact:

Thad Brown     814-881-6840 (c)

WANTED: fresh legs and minds to join the Region OET Staff.  Requires a desire to improve your OET teaching and performance skills and assist others in their OET training.  If you are a current Local OET Trainer then you have already taken a step in the right direction.  We cover events throughout the Region and sometimes go further.  You will work within our well-formed training program with the result being certification as an OET Trainer/Evaluator.  We work a full schedule and get paid in self-satisfaction and smiles (sometimes food, works very well).  Fantastic opportunity to get involved with ski patrolling at the Region level and advance in the NSPS.  For more details, contact Jay Biersbach at 716-474-5851 (m) or by email.

The Region OET Program, working in coordination with the Division OET Program, is able to offer the below programs to Patrollers.  Through the dedication and consistency of the Region OET Staff our Region can count on quality OET training at all levels.  Just to clarify a point, all OET programs are available for skiing, snowboarding and telemarking Patrollers.  The Region OET Staff is made up of skiers and snowboarders; we can teach to all 3 disciplines.   We will work with your patrol to assist with your OET needs.  The main objective of the Region OET program is to have all OET training within the Region be consistent.  Likewise, it should be provided by those with the experience and training to present and demonstrate the skills needed.  If you are looking for information relating to the Senior OET program please check the Senior Program page for details on clinics.  For all OET events please check the Region Calendar of Events.


WNY Region OET Trainer/Evaluators

Greg Boberg*    Mary Lyn Boberg    Jay Biersbach    Thad Brown**

Denice Kaus*    Andrea Carr Mosher    Roland Lunser    Joe Probst

Kristen Russo*    Michael Russo*    Jeffrey Cole        

* Eastern Division OET Staff    ** Advisor    


If interested in joining the Regional S&T Staff please contact Thad Brown



OET Programs

Senior Clinic / Evaluation and Challenge Format

The Senior Clinic Evaluation or Challenge format is the OET portion of the program by which patrollers advance from Basic Patroller to Senior Patroller. Candidates are evaluated in three areas; Free Skiing ability, Toboggan Handling skills, and Toboggan Ski Skills. This program is presented by the Eastern Division OET Staff and Division Senior Trainer/Evaluators.

The Senior Clinic / Evaluation format is a two day, continuous clinic and evaluation. The Challenge format is a one day event, and is structured more as an exam, with fewer opportunities for feedback and clinic.



Continuing Education Clinic

The Continuing Education Clinic is run by Division Trainer / Evaluators and is required to be completed by all Seniors every three years, starting from the year in which they complete the Ski and Toboggan portion of the Senior program. The CE clinic is designed to refresh the skills of existing Seniors, and to introduce changes in technique and equipment that may have developed since the Patroller became a senior.


  1. Previously attained the registration classification of Senior.


Toboggan Instructors Course

The Toboggan Instructors Course, also known as Toboggan Phase II, is run by Division qualified Trainer Evaluators and targeted at the local toboggan training staff. This course covers the fundamentals of teaching patrollers to run empty sleds, run loaded sleds, effectively manage a tailrope, and properly approach the scene of an incident.

To maintain status as a toboggan instructor, the instructor must do one of the following every three years:

  1. Attend a Division sponsored Senior T/E clinic
  2. Have a Division OET Instructor/Trainer attend one of your toboggan courses and verify your teaching skills
  3. Retake and successfully complete the Toboggan Instructors course.

This course also qualifies as a Senior elective.

Prerequisites: Completion of a Phase I course


Skier / Telemark / Snowboard Enhancement Seminar

Enhancement seminars are two full days, taught by a member of the Eastern Division PSIA Educational Staff, and facilitated by a member of the Division OET staff. This program is open to any registered member of the NSP, and focuses on the development of individual skiing skills. The emphasis is on having a fun time.


Ski Trainer's Workshop

The ski trainers workshop is conducted annually in December and is open to Region OET advisors and Division OET staff only.


Ski Trainer Evaluator Clinic

T/E clinics are run by the Division OET staff, and members of the Division OET steering committee. the clinic focus is on preparing the candidate to return to the Region, and present the Senior Clinic/Challenge event, Senior Continuing Education, and the Toboggan Instructor program.


PSIA Level I / PSIA Membership

Under a new program established by the Eastern Division, members of the Division OET Staff are eligible for membership as affiliates in the PSIA, and to take the PSIA Level 1 instructor exam. For more information, consult the Eastern Division OET Supervisor.


Toboggan Enhancement Seminar

Toboggan Enhancement Seminars are taught by members of the Division OET staff, and are similar in scope to the Skier Enhancement Seminar. The focus is on improving the patrollers sled handling skills in a relaxed atmosphere.


Toboggan Instructor Trainers

Toboggan Instructor Trainers are appointed by the Division OET Supervisor on an annual basis. Appointments are made from among those patrollers who have completed Phase I, the Global Instructor Module, and the Toboggan Instructors Clinic (Toboggan Phase II).


Patroller 101

While not specifically an OET program, Patroller 101 should draw on the skills of area toboggan Phase 2 instructors and, if available, Senior Trainer / Evaluators.

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